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Emotional Abuse - What Is Emotional Abuse And How To Treat It

by Silvia Hartmann

What is emotional abuse?

I personally define emotional abuse when someone makes you feel bad - but you didn't deserve it, didn't do anything to cause it, and there's nothing you can do to escape the next punishment because it is NOT LINKED TO FACT OR REALITY.

For example, if my boyfriend yells abuse at me because I broke his guitar, even though that's not nice, it has a cause and I can understand that. I can apologize and we can make up.

But what if I've done NOTHING AT ALL - and he still says and does things that hurt me deeply, not physically but emotionally? As a matter of fact, all the time and there is nothing I can do to escape the next random punishment?

That's what I call emotional abuse and it's a horrible thing. Personally I think someone who emotionally abuses another is a dangerous person and should be avoided; until and unless they had so much therapy that they should stop.

Just because you cannot see the wounds and scars inflicted by emotional abuse doesn't mean that:

- there are no wounds
- or no damage has been done
- or that it doesn't hurt
- or that it isn't EXTREMELY destructive and cripples the person who is attacked in that way so they can't live a full and happy life any longer and in fact, become like cripples in their own incarnations.

For a long time, people thought that "sticks and stones can hurt your bones but words can never hurt you."

Nowadays we have established that this is NOT true, that this is FAR FROM TRUE, and words, and the energies they carry, do and can cause everything from eczema to migraines to heart attacks and cancer.

This is because emotional abuse happens not in the physical body, and NOT IN THE MIND as folk thought wrongly, it happens in a person's ENERGY BODY.

People really do have an energy body, a complete layer of the body which is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to overall life, because ALL EMOTIONS come from the energy body.

The energy body transmits how it is feeling through the physical body - through feelings and emotions.

When a person's energy body is healthy and shiny, they are happy, beautiful people, regardless how beautiful their bodies may be on the top, they have the X-factor.

An emotionally abused person has a beaten up energy body that is in pain all the time from SERIOUS INJURIES; of course they are depressed, frightened and OF COURSE they don't have any power left to defend themselves properly, or even get themselves out of the situation of emotional abuse.

How do you know you are being emotionally abused?

1. When your abuser regularly does or says things that HURT YOU in the same places over and over again - and you did NOT deserve those actions or comments by anything that you did.

For example, a person may say, "You are ugly!" and you feel that like a punch with a fist into your stomach.

The energy form they sent to you acts exactly like that - your energy body just got punched in the stomach. And when this happens over and over again, it won't just be your energy stomach that stops working, but the wound will bridge across into your physical life.

2. When you feel that you are really beaten up, beaten down, in pain, and you can't defend yourself any more.

If that is you, then my God you need help and you need help NOW!

You need to repair the damage that was caused by the emotional abuse as soon as possible or you will get seriously ill.

As the damage resides in the energy system, you need an energy system specialist to help you with that.

EmoTrance practitioners are EXPERTS at dealing with wounds and injuries in the energy system and can not only help you heal, but also learn to help yourself, and defend yourself against new attacks of emotional abuse.

EmoTrance practitioners are also very helpful people, so if you don't have much money, pick up the phone and ring someone in your area just for a quick talk so you get started on healing and protecting yourself.

Emotional abuse is a terrible, terrible thing.

Lots of people think that if you can't see the wounds with your naked eyes there's nothing wrong and you should stop whining.

But energetic injuries and the terrible pain they cause are absolutely real, and you need help, and as soon as possible.

No-one deserves emotional abuse, no matter what because it literally breaks our spirit, and that is a sin, no matter what religion you're coming from, a sin greater even than murder itself.

Please seek help, and in the meantime, try and protect your heart, and be blessed.

Silvia Hartmann

Posted Aug 15, 2008 by Silvia Hartmann   

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