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Depression - An Energetic View To The Causes Of And Treatment Of Depression

by Silvia Hartmann

Depression - An Energetic View To The Causes Of And Treatment Of Depression

Many terms that we use naturally in our every day language to describe the way we feel are actually very correct in identifying and explaining the problem. Turns of phrase such as "I feel as though I have the weight of the world on my shoulders" - "He broke my heart" or "I am beside myself" are factual descriptions of really existing situations. These situations are not physical problems, but they originate in the energy system, and produce the feelings we call emotions - and are all, quite real. If we look at the word "depression" and the phrase, "I am so depressed!" and accept this not as some form of weird metaphor but instead, as a factual description of the problem itself, we begin to get an idea what depression is, where it comes from, and how to begin the treatment of depression.

Depression Pressure - Releasing Depression - Treating Depression - Staying In The Flow

Depression - Pressure Within

There is the word "pressure" at the bottom of depression - something is being pressured and pressed, and this results in something becoming dense, difficult to move, thick and sludgy.

That's exactly what happens in the human energy system when there is energy coming in, but not enough energy going out - the pressure begins to mount, and the system is becoming literally depressed.

What happens next is an interesting misconception that leads to faulty treatments.

As the depression rises, the pressure mounts and the movement of energy through the system begins to slow down, the outward signs of depression begin to appear - the person slows down, finds it difficult to think straight, everything becomes an effort, things are literally becoming "harder and harder".

It becomes harder and harder to act and to find any free energy for fuelling life's endeavours; the feelings in the body become heavy, and dark.

This leads people to think that you need to put MORE ENERGY INTO THE SYSTEM - the person looks on the outside as though they don't have enough.

But the more energy you funnel into an already depressed system, the worse it gets on the inside - the more slugdy, stale and hard the already depressed energies become.

Quite practically, you see this in action when you have a person who is in a state of depression, and a happy friend comes round and tries to "cheer them up" by adding positive energy - telling them about good things, slapping them on the back, opening the curtains to let more energy, life and sunshine in, putting on a cheerful energy-laden record on the stereo ...

... and the depressed person's reaction to this is to get angry and start fighting against this energy input because an already painful situation is being made even worse.

So if adding more energy into a depressed energy system of a person isn't the answer, then what can we do to deal with depression at the energetic level?

The solution is surprisingly simple.


Releasing Depression Energy

We need to RELEASE ENERGY from the depressed system, get energy out so that a flow begins to start up again and some movement returns.

Somewhere in the depressed person's systems is a blockage that is stopping the flow of energy that needs to go in, through AND OUT.

It may also be the case that there simply isn't anywhere for a depressed person to PUT their energies.

An older person, for example, who lives by themselves might find that they have no-one to talk to.

when we talk to people, we release energy - we give it to the listener, as it were. At the same time as energy is being released from the system, which creates a sense of relief as pent up energies are being discharged, now there is also room for fresh, new energy to come into the system from the outside, bringing with it essential energy nutrition.

That's the two way benefit of discharging energies, to get rid of what's there but also and very importantly, to make room for the new; and ideally, this flow should be ongoing so that there is always fresh new energy flowing through a person's system.

When that happens, people say they have lots of energy, feel alive, they feel well and they feel happy.

Depression can often set in when a previous recipient of energy isn't there anymore. For example, someone's friend might have died or moved away; or they might have stopped working and the previous places where they discharged energy doesn't exist any longer.

This dynamic is the reason why depression responds well to exercise and also, why owning pets for example is so beneficial and helpful - here is a target the person can discharge their energies to, leading to a start up of the beneficial flow of energies in, through and out once more.

How To Treat Depression Energetically

One of the core strategies in treating the energetic causes of depression is to find the central block in the energy system that has caused the "stale mate" where incoming energies are getting stuck, and backing up.

In EmoTrance, this is as simple as asking the depressed person, "Where do you feel the pressure the most? Show me with your hands."

The depressed person will know exactly where this pressure is located, and when they show you with their hands, you can see DIRECTLY where the block in the energy system sits.

Releasing energy from this blockage isn't as difficult as some might think; the healing hands of the person themselves and a practitioner can soften this energy perfectly well, and as soon as even a small amount of flow is achieved, the person will immediately notice a great sense of relief, of freedom regained, of pain receding, and at the same time, they will notice that their thinking is changing from the usual depressed state to a much more proactive, freer flow of thought, like you would find in a healthy person.

An EmoTrance session or any proper energy healing session that focuses on the blockage that is the original cause for the depression will bring immediate relief and a re-establishing of feeling alive, as more energy flows through the body once more and the person's power comes back online.

However, with people who have a history of depression, it is likely that the place where the blockage occurred is a "fault line", a damaged place in the energy system that might have been there for a long time, and whenever circumstances get particularly challenging, that place with fail again and the blockage will return.

Working on the original injury which may have come into being a long time ago, in childhood or even before, is a very valuable thing to do; what is also very important is that the person learns to pay attention to their own energy system, and when they can start to feel that the pressure is building up again, or the fault line has been triggered, to start working with self healing immediatley and not allow the pressure to build up again into a full blown state of depression.


Depression - Staying In The Flow

The task for a person who suffers from this energetic disturbance is to make sure that they stay in flow, that they should take time out, even when they are very well and all is working smoothly, to actively encourage energy flow by finding ways of discharging big quantities of energy on a regular basis.

It is an amazing learning process for people to find that they can work with their own energy system quite easily, once they know it's there; and with even a little knowledge of EmoTrance, a person can choose when, how, and where they wish to discharge build ups of energy.

For someone who has learned how to do this, energy can be discharged into all manner of actions deliberately, and also just into the environment itself, releasing energy to the sky, for example, to the earth or letting it flow away with water.

Being able to also take in nutritional energies from nature, and from people AT WILL is also a very beneficial skill which completes the circuit and helps to keep the energy body healthy - and to make depression and all the symptoms of depression a thing of the past.

Depression Pressure - Releasing Depression - Treating Depression - Staying In The Flow

Depression - The Cause And Treatment Of Depression: An Energetic View

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* Music To Lift Depression: Sunrise by Nicola Quinn, Co-Creator of EmoTrance

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