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Closure - How To Get Closure For Real

by Silvia Hartmann

Closure - How To Get Closure For Real

"I need closure!" is a term many people use to describe their desire to "get over it" and to be able to live their lives normally again, to have a future again, and, most importantly, to NOT BE IN CONSTANT EMOTIONAL PAIN any longer.

People talk about "their emotions still being raw" and that is a good description of what is going on.

At some point, a person who is now seeking closure has suffered a major injury in their energy system - they've had a shock, which is the equivalent of being shot in the physical body with a bullet, or many shocks over a long period of time, which causes then more than one energetic injury.

Emotions are the feedback mechanism of the energy body to tell us where there is something wrong; and just like physical pain is in direct cause and effect with how bad the injury is, emotional pain is also in direct cause and effect, depending on how bad the original injury was.

The difference between energy body injuries and physical injuries is that TIME DOES NOT HEAL energy body injuries.

The energy body is timeless; and unless direct action is taken to repair the injuries, it will remain injured and "raw" essentially forever.

So how do we go about getting the all important closure?

First of all, it is very important to understand that when the injuries in the energy body are finally healed, this does NOT mean the person is as though nothing ever happened.

Whatever happened doesn't disappear. It isn't forgotten, will not be forgotten, but the difference is that THE PAIN WILL BE GONE.

This important for people who suffer from emotional pain relating to having lost a loved one, or having been themselves attacked and hurt.

You don't have to afraid that you somehow forget all of that and it's all "closed" as the closure term suggests; it's not. It will always be with you, a part of your life, of your experiences absolutely, but it won't hurt any longer and because of that, you can start to live again and go on to have more and other experiences - to have a life again, in other words.

Seeking to not be in pain any longer is the right thing to do.

So if you are looking for real, proper closure - not of what happened, but of the wounds that you sustained there, invisible wounds that no-one can see, but that are so painful, that you can't live life properly, then you need to heal your energy body.

This is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

Everybody has an energy body, and this energy body has healing hands which can, if they are applied to the energetic injury, begin to make it better, heal that wound that needs closure in a very real and practical sense so that it can stop hurting all the time.

If you are in severe emotional pain (and that is a very physical sensation of stabbing pains in the stomach, feeling as though your throat is being crushed, or your head is in a vice), EmoTrance is the right healing modality for you.

We work directly with the energy system; you do not have to re-live the horrors that caused the injuries by talking about them or even thinking about them.

We deal ONLY with the injury, and the pain, and seek to start a process of healing the injury so that there is a flow once more in your energy system, so that the pain begins to ebb away, and you can breathe and live again.

EmoTrance specialises in healing energetic injuries and finally providing a real, working toolset to obtain proper closure and give people back a life without being in constant emotional pain.

If you need closure, phone an EmoTrance Practitioner today for a free chat and a test to see how it will work for you.

EmoTrance is the newest and most direct healing modality for emotional pain in the World. It is amazingly soothing and helpful, so call a practitioner and start on the path to real healing, and to real closure.

Silvia Hartmann

Author, "EmoTrance: Emotions, Energy & Love"

Chairperson, TheAMT The Guild of Energists"

Posted Oct 2, 2014 by Silvia Hartmann   

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