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Anxiety: How can I stop feeling anxious all the time?

by Nicola Quinn

Many people think that anxiety and feeling anxious all the time is one of those things you just have to learn to live with, like stress, a part of normal living in the 21st century.

Some even think anxiety is essential, after all how could you protect your child, give it safety guidance if you weren't a little anxious about all the muggings and knife crime? Wouldn't being complacent put my family in danger?

And if I wasn't feeling anxious about money how would I get the incentive to go to work every day to that boring job I have?

Surely there are some very real things out there to be anxious about?

The answer is being anxious does not help at all.

Anxiety is not useful. it doesn't put you in a resourceful state to deal with a disaster or help a loved one. Anxiety will not save you under any circumstances whatsoever.

Anxiety can range from mild feelings of unease to full blown anxiety attacks. Whatever your anxiety symptoms are, it is impossible to think straight or make a good logical decision while being anxious.

Anxiety is a state where your feelings do not match the present circumstances.

If you think about where you are now, are you in any danger as you are sitting here reading this? Now I cannot know where you are or what is going on but I can guess that for most people you are quite safe at the moment, no tigers ready to pounce and certainly no need for adrenaline to be pumping round your body ready for fight or flight.

Our emotions, our feelings are simply feedback as to how we are doing and the feelings that accompany anxiety are simply telling you that you are not responding appropriately to the situation. You are not going mad, you will not always be like this, you are simply in a state of unnecessary alert. Phew, what a relief to know that.

With EmoTrance we simply identify where an unpleasant feeling is in our body then soften and flow that feeling away.

You do not need to feel bad. Feeling bad is not useful, ever, and getting rid of that anxious feeling will then enable you to think clearly and make better decisions for you and your family.

EmoTrance is very easy to learn by yourself but if you have been suffering from anxiety for a while it's nice to have some support from someone who has experience and can help you move the feelings quickly and also show you how to carry on using EmoTrance every day to make your life a whole lot more relaxed, brighter and joyful.

Nicola Quinn

Author, Life Without Panic Attacks

Posted Aug 15, 2008 by Nicola Quinn   

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