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Bereavement Pain - How To Heal The Pain Of Bereavement

Bereavement Pain - How To Heal The Pain Of Bereavement

Bereavement pain is the strongest and most painful of all human emotions. And like all human emotions, bereavement pain makes no sense at all - unless you bring the energy system, the true Factor X of the human condition, into the equation.

Bereavement pain isn't in the head - it is an ACTUAL FELT PAIN that comes in waves and can be totally debilitating.

Posted Aug 8, 2014 11,524 Reads More...

Newsflash! You Can't Love Yourself!

Newsflash! You Can

I've got some news for all those out there who have been told they must "learn to love themselves more" - it doesn't work.

It can't be done. It's hopeless. Want to know why?

Posted Mar 28, 2011 14,528 Reads More...

Emotional Honesty Made Easy: How To Be Emotionally Honest In 3 Simple Steps

Emotional Honesty Made Easy: How To Be Emotionally Honest In 3 Simple Steps

Emotional Honesty is one of those pop psychology terms that can make a person's life a misery. What is that supposed to mean? How is one supposed to be emotionally honest? Fear not. Here follows a simple explanation and a foolproof 3 step technique to become hardcore emotionally honest with yourself and other people. And it doesn't even hurt ... much ...

Posted Sep 26, 2010 14,874 Reads More...

Secret Therapy: How To Get Help Without Having To Talk About Your Feelings

Secret Therapy: How To Get Help Without Having To Talk About Your Feelings

One of the greatest hurdles for people who know they need help with their emotions and feelings is the idea from old fashioned psychotherapy that they have to talk about their problems and tell all. But what if the cause of the problem is a secret that cannot or must not be told?

What if the client is a general, or a high executive, or a leader in general and cannot possibly talk about the problem? Or if the root of the problem simply cannot be talked about for any other reason?

Posted Sep 12, 2010 15,595 Reads More...

When Will My Depression Lift?

When Will My Depression Lift?

A visitor to this site asked, "When does depression lift?

"I have been diagnosed with depression and it has been five years, when is it going to be over?"

Posted May 23, 2010 9,010 Reads More...

Control of Emotions & Feelings - The 5 Top Tips

Control of Emotions & Feelings - The 5 Top Tips

Here are Dr Hartmann's top 5 tips for how to control emotions and feelings successfully - yes, you CAN learn to control your emotions and master your feelings, it's not even difficult - you just need to know how.

Posted Mar 29, 2010 34,978 Reads More...

Sticks And Stones - Words That Hurt

Sticks And Stones - Words That Hurt

Sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you? It's not true!

Words - and particularly, the energy forms transmitted through those words - CAN hurt a person, for longer and for much, much worse than sticks and stones ever could.

Here is why - and what to do about it so that we can heal the hurt of words.

Posted Sep 27, 2009 16,179 Reads More...

How To Understand Yourself And Other People

How To Understand Yourself And Other People

People to this day do not understand their emotions, their thoughts and their feelings, their actions and behaviours and often come away thinking, "I'm crazy!" or "I'm mad!" or "I'm insane!"

It is my life's work to demonstrate to all who would listen that nothing is further from the truth; that true insanity and madness is a rare occurrence and that as long as you're still thinking, "I must be mad!" you can be pretty sure that you're not, because true madmen don't think that any more.

Normal people, which means people who do not have a brain tumour, suffer from a major chemical imbalance, lost a part of their brain in accident or were born with some kind of genetic abnormality, ALWAYS HAVE A GOOD REASON for all the things they feel, think, say and do.

Posted Aug 13, 2009 13,661 Reads More...

Am I Depressed - Or Am I Just Unhappy?

Am I Depressed - Or Am I Just Unhappy?

Depression is a term that is being bandied around far too much, and depression is probably one of the most misdiagnosed and misunderstood emotional problems of them all. Let's find out if you are really depressed - or if you are just unhappy.

What is the difference between someone being depressed, and someone "just" being unhappy?

Posted May 15, 2009 41,489 Reads More...

How To Heal A Broken Heart

How To Heal A Broken Heart If you suffer from a broken heart, have experienced real heartache, and the emotional pain that comes from a broken heart, here is a simple but profoundly positive and powerful method of self healing, that will help you heal your broken heart over time, and help you to recover so you can start to live again, and learn to love again.
Posted Mar 29, 2009 28,151 Reads More...

Lifting Depression: 7 Top Tips To Lift Depression

Lifting Depression: 7 Top Tips To Lift Depression

Get Your Life Back from depression with these 7 top tips that are easy to follow - even if you are depressed! - make sense and will help lift depression more and more, from day to day.

Posted Jan 19, 2009 27,355 Reads More...

Anxiety & Stress Self Help

Anxiety & Stress Self Help Here is a set of outstanding, modern, fast acting anti-anxiety self help methods which are easy to follow and make perfect sense. If you are feeling anxious, afraid, overwhelmed, stressed, this free protocol explains the reasons for a build up of stress and anxiety, and contains many useful and practical tips to help reduce fear, stress and anxiety in your life.
Posted Jan 17, 2009 709 Reads More...

Don't Talk About Emotions, Talk About Feelings - How You Can Be Understood And Cared For Too

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus when it comes to talking about feelings and emotions - hardly! It is a fact though that women use language differently to describe their feelings and emotions, to a point where a man doesn't understand any longer what they are talking about and switches off altogether, gives up even trying. Here is a very easy, brand new way to talk about emotions in such a way that even a man - yes, even a totally unemotional man! - will be able to understand you ... and possibly even start to take care of your real emotional needs.

Posted Jan 8, 2009 26,444 Reads More...

Anger - Is It In My Head Or Is It In My Body?

Have you ever said, “I am so angry with ……(someone or something)!”? I bet you have and then you have gone into a long diatribe about the content of whatever makes you angry – most angry people do. Someone may say, “This anger is all in your head, in your thoughts,” which makes angry people get even more angry still.
Posted Jan 6, 2009 10,641 Reads More...

Depression - An Energetic View To The Causes Of And Treatment Of Depression

Depression - An Energetic View To The Causes Of And Treatment Of Depression

Many terms that we use naturally in our every day language to describe the way we feel are actually very correct in identifying and explaining the problem. Turns of phrase such as "I feel as though I have the weight of the world on my shoulders" - "He broke my heart" or "I am beside myself" are factual descriptions of really existing situations. These situations are not physical problems, but they originate in the energy system, and produce the feelings we call emotions - and are all, quite real. If we look at the word "depression" and the phrase, "I am so depressed!" and accept this not as some form of weird metaphor but instead, as a factual description of the problem itself, we begin to get an idea what depression is, where it comes from, and how to begin the treatment of depression.

Posted Jan 2, 2009 8,697 Reads More...

Emotional Eating, Emotional Overeating - Why Do Our Feelings Make Us Eat?

Emotional Eating, Emotional Overeating - Why Do Our Feelings Make Us Eat? Understanding how your EMOTIONS affect your WEIGHT is one thing and to ask if your past hold the KEY to your DIETING HABITS is another. But here is a far more direct route to get control of emotional overeating and emotional eating - here is something NEW that really works to make those hungry emotions literally disappear.
Posted Dec 31, 2008 9,129 Reads More...

A BRAND NEW Psychology For The 21st Century: Bringing Hope And Relief To Those Who Suffer From Emotional Pain At Last

A BRAND NEW Psychology For The 21st Century: Bringing Hope And Relief To Those Who Suffer From Emotional Pain At Last

People simply do not know that emotional pain and all sorts of other emotionally related problems can be cured now - for real, and in a healthy fashion, without the use of chemicals, without talking for hours, without having to re-live horrors from the past!

It is our mission to put this NEW knowledge before the people of the world, so they can look at our theories for themselves; so that they can try our techniques for themselves and thus, LEARN FOR THEMSELVES that this is a correct form of describing the human condition, the causes and effects of human emotions, and most of all, a VALID TREATMENT FORM for emotional pain.

Posted Dec 31, 2008 8,936 Reads More...

What are Emotions? A Definition Of Emotions - NEW For The 21st Century

What are Emotions? A Definition Of Emotions - NEW For The 21st Century It is extraordinary that there are entire schools of treating human emotion which do not ever give a proper definition of emotions, or what these strange things actually are. What are emotions? What are "feelings"? Can you die of a broken heart? These and many other questions about emotions are successfully resolved when one quite scientifically inserts the Factor X into the equation ...
Posted Dec 31, 2008 23,834 Reads More...

20 Years Of Burning Shame - The Policeman And The Rape Victim

20 Years Of Burning Shame - The Policeman And The Rape Victim

This is a true EmoTrance case story, involving a policeman, a rape victim, self mutilation and how the understanding of energy exchanges totally transforms the theory and practice of human psychology.

Posted Dec 28, 2008 10,916 Reads More...

Cure A Crush With EmoTrance

Cure A Crush With EmoTrance

What is a crush? To have a crush on someone is an obsession with another person who has triggered previously unknown feelings, thoughts and sensations that is essentially synonymous with falling in love. A crush can happen to anyone at any time; it can involve a film star, a neighbour, a total stranger on a train; and it matters absolutely not one iota whether this person - the object of attraction - is aware of this or interested in any aspect of it AT ALL.

Posted Dec 15, 2008 8,480 Reads More...

Closure - How To Get Closure For Real

"I need closure!" is a term many people use to describe their desire to "get over it" and to be able to live their lives normally again, to have a future again, and, most importantly, to NOT BE IN CONSTANT EMOTIONAL PAIN any longer.
Posted Dec 5, 2008 12,558 Reads More...

Psychosomatic Pain - What is psychosomatic pain? And how can psychosomatic pain be healed?

Psychosomatic Pain - What is psychosomatic pain? And how can psychosomatic pain be healed? The term psychosomatic pain is used when a person reports that they are feeling pain, or say that they are in pain, "but no physical cause for the pain can be found."

Classically, doctors say, "There's nothing wrong with you."

Others say, "It's all in your head."

But the person who suffers from psychosomatic pain feels the pain and gets more and more desperate because the pain is not imagined, it is real.

EmoTrance Theory offers a simple explanation for psychosomatic pain as follows.

Posted Sep 3, 2008 33,532 Reads More...

Dyslexia Help With EmoTrance

Could this be a new breakthrough treatment for dyslexia? Whilst a few individual successful cases is very encouraging, we can't make any general claims. However, these results indicate research in this area would certainly be very worthwhile. Here are 3 cases of helping people successfully with the symptoms of dyslexia including writing down numbers, reading, and comprehension.
Posted Aug 30, 2008 6,537 Reads More...

Emotional Abuse - What Is Emotional Abuse And How To Treat It

What is emotional abuse?

I personally define emotional abuse when someone makes you feel bad - but you didn't deserve it, didn't do anything to cause it, and there's nothing you can do to escape the next punishment because it is NOT LINKED TO FACT OR REALITY.

For example, if my boyfriend yells abuse at me because I broke his guitar, even though that's not nice, it has a cause and I can understand that. I can apologize and we can make up.

But what if I've done NOTHING AT ALL - and he still says and does things that hurt me deeply, not physically but emotionally? As a matter of fact, all the time and there is nothing I can do to escape the next random punishment?
Posted Aug 15, 2008 13,836 Reads More...

Anxiety: How can I stop feeling anxious all the time?

Many people think that anxiety and feeling anxious all the time is one of those things you just have to learn to live with, like stress, a part of normal living in the 21st century.

Posted Aug 15, 2008 40,928 Reads More...

How To Attract Your Perfect Partner

How To Attract Your Perfect Partner

Sandra Hillawi’s revolutionary new book The Love Clinic, solving our love problems, explains to us how all emotions arise from states of flow or blockage in the body’s subtle energy system. When our energy is flowing we feel positive emotions such as love, joy, happiness, compassion, vitality, we see clearly are confident and we radiate from that state of flow. When our energy is blocked we feel negative emotions, such as anxiety, fear, frustration, low self esteem and this is what we radiate to others. Sandra’s book shares simple techniques for transforming emotional energy from negative to positive and how we can apply this to radiate a more attractive state for our perfect partner.

Posted Aug 1, 2008 6,703 Reads More...
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